Alice Collins



Alice Collins is an experienced hair stylist and master colorist. She is client-focused and strives to provide the highest level of service with courtesy and professionalism.

To ensure that there is stylist-client collaboration, Alice works with you to determine the best cut, color and style that complement your personality, and more importantly, fit your daily life style. Taking care to consider your inputs throughout the process is key to obtaining a look that you’re happy with.

Alice is a dedicated student in her field. In order to adapt to the ever-changing world of fashion, she regularly attends classes, seminars and shows. Continued education has proven to be beneficial to both Alice and her clients. Her particular knowledge in advanced color correction, dimensional coloring, and hair texturizing techniques has helped her improve the quality of her designs. Together with a passion to help people look their best, Alice has been successful in earning clients’ trust.

For a free consultation or t
o book an appointment, please call, text, or email Alice at the following: (252) 503-0916 ,
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